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SO MUCH MUSIC. happy holidaze!


its almost 2010 guys….. WTF. shouldn’t we have teleporters and shit by now?!

yea anyways. my xmas gift to YOU, whoever (i.e. no one) who reads this… a digital cd. i know, im sweet. Initially I made it for my fbook friends who aren’t entirely music savvy so there are a lot of ‘beginner’ indie songs 🙂 specifically, My Morning Jacket – Dontante. Here’s a quick run-down/quick DL links for ya:

Bibio – Jealous of Roses, Asobi Seksu – Thursday (Twelves Remix), Arcade Fire – This Must Be the Place (Talking Heads Cover), Avalanches – Since I Left You, AVI Buffalo – What’s in it For, Beach House – Walk in the ParkBuilt to Spill – Time Trap, Danger Mouse/Sparklehorse/Julian Casablancas – Little Girl, Dead Man’s Bones – Pa Pa Power, Does It Offend You, Yeah? – Being Bad Feels Pretty Good, Florence & the Machine – You’ve Got the Love (xx Remix)…. ok this is getting really time consuming so just check out the whole list and chose from there 🙂

ALSO im a guest blogger on the VINYL DISTRICT so check me out on there every Monday 🙂


haha i found this and haaaaaad to post it. you’re welcome. i kinda wanna be them in 40 years.


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