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you are one maclike motherfucker.


i dunno bout you but i really fuckin love URBAN DICTIONARY. i use it more than a real dictionary, it’s true.

recently, i feel like i’ve been using the word ‘cool’ too much… so of course i went to my trusty source of all things word-related to look up some synonyms.  direct (these are all QUOTES) from the legendary book-o-words… here are some ‘cool’ synonyms for you to drop this wkend to ensure you’re the raddest cat in the district.

*CXOOL – the factor of being overly cool or well-liked. “You just like me cause you know im cxool” (haha totally using this one… can i get a pronuciation pleaase?)

*CHABOOBALLY- verb. too be cool. or make cool decesions (quote!).  other forms of the word : chabooballish. “Sally is so chaboobally cause she don’t do drugs” (YES! haha. wait- is this a verb?!)

*SNILES – a word used to sum up a great/cool time being had. Other words that could be used: “Sniiiiiice”. (lol)   1) “Hey these hot chicks are coming over tonight.” “Sniles!” 2) “If peeing your pants is cool consider me Sniles Davis!” haha totally.

*PBH – superior beings. playas/ballas/hustlas. “Man I wish I was a PBH! Instead I’m just a peice of filth…”

*SCHWEPPY – a word that can be used when something is cool or awesome or makes you say “Niiiiice,  schweppy!” Can also be used as a nickname for a thick penis. 1) “I just got a new trampoline, it is schweppy!!” 2) “I just saw this kid’s schweppy in the locker room.. it is HUGE!” 🙂

Honorable Mentions:: scoop’n, nosheen, bunch, pheddies, lowered, swish, maclike, bomb shiggaty, bode, cretateous, cromus, phi, dank (props), and chefty 🙂
now for some bomb shiggaty tunes for ya:

The Cool Kids – Popcorn
hip-hop joint. one time for ya mind from the cool kids.

Four Tet – As Serious As Your Life (J Dilla rmx)
who’s cooler than J Dilla? no one. (more hip-hop)

Osunlade – Momma’s Groove (Jimpster’s Hip Replacement rmx)

Vega – No Reasons
Alan of Neon Indians Disco Solo Project

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