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high ate us.


it seems my computer is effed.

i keep getting an error message that ends with ‘a failure is imminent’.

i need to sell my car and buy a mac. truth.

anywhoo, so yes, TC will be taking a short hiatus.

BUT, here are some tunes to blow ur minds in the meantime.  ill holla at u kids on twitville when terminallychill is back in action.

don’t miss me too much.

sean roman – phone call << direct link via discodust

sean roman – lick << direct link via discodust

::props to @the_glendon for the look on these sean roman trax::

gui boratto – no turning back (wighnomy’s likkalize love rekksmix) (MF)

the bird and the bee – fucking boyfriend (peaches remix) (MF)

chromeo – call me up (bag raiders remix) (MF)

goldfrapp – rocket (penguin remix) << direct link via et musique pour tous

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  1. Glen permalink
    03/03/2010 6:45 am

    I gotta say, this might be the best music post evar!! Well, next to my own of course. 🙂
    Thanks for the props!

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